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Top 10 reasons to hire Artist Touch, INC.


Artist Touch Inc. provides all the services you need to keep your property looking its best.  From interior and exterior painting or staining at your facility—be it a condominium or townhome, multi-unit housing complex, office or house of worship—our team has the experience and management expertise to complete your project on time and with exceptional professionalism.  We use high-quality products sold by reputable manufacturers.  Whenever possible, we champion the use of environmentally-friendly materials, resulting in a water-tight, weather-tight surface, aesthetically-pleasing appearance and kindness to our environment.

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At Artist Touch we provide all the services needed to keep your property looking its best. From interior and exterior painting or staining on condos, hotels, offices, and more, our experienced craftsmen have the skills and management to complete the project on time and with professionalism. We believe in clean work practices such as masking doorways to contain dust and using laundered drop cloths to ensure a spotless work space. Your furniture, appliances, and fixtures will be protected throughout the duration of the project. No matter the job we use top-performing products that beautify your property's appearance, protect surfaces from harsh environmental conditions, and provide long-lasting appeal. Artist Touch is committed to high quality results, meeting deadlines, great customer service, and above all, being honest with our clients.

  1. We’re honest.
  2. With rigorous oversight, we manage the project so you don’t have to.
  3. Our work speaks for itself through our longstanding customer relationships and decades of repeat business.
  4. We’ve maintained a remarkable safety record with only one minor claim in the over-three-decade history of our company.
  5. We bring meticulous attention to detail on all of our projects, with an eye toward maximizing the longevity and beauty of your property.
  6. In an industry that’s continually changing, we invest considerable time and effort in researching the best available products at the best pricing.
  7. We offer a warranty that guarantees our return to your property for 4 years at no additional cost to you.
  8. We pride ourselves in maintaining a positive work environment with crew members who are friendly, hard-working and respectful.
  9. We’ve effectively and efficiently managed large-scale projects.
  10. We’re an established company providing exceptional customer service since 1980.

Condominium & HOAS

Artist Touch provides the kind of full-service commercial painting that you need for your condominium or HOA. Whether you need minor touch ups in a single residence, or a major repainting of a whole community, we have the capacity to respond quickly to your requests. Offering all of the painting services that you need to keep your community looking pristine, Artist Touch is a one-call solution for your property.


When a multi-unit residential facility needs painting, it requires a contractor who can deliver consistent, quality results on a demanding time schedule. Artist Touch has the manpower and equipment to provide exactly that kind of painting service for your apartment buildings. From minor touch ups in a single unit to complete repainting of a whole group, we are ready to respond to your needs.


The quality of your office painting makes a significant impression on your clients. Artist Touch helps you ensure that the impression is a good one! Our teams of commercial painters provide exceptional results in office painting by adhering to our strict service standards. Our painters carefully protect your office furniture and décor and maintain a tidy work area. We meticulously prepare each surface to be painted, ensuring premium results.


We tape and tarp all shrubs, grassy areas, air conditioners, utility meters, patio areas and roof areas. We remove all peeling paint using carbide scrapers and sand to ensure the best possible painting surface.

Artist Touch Inc. Professional Painting Services

  • Interior and exterior painting and staining
  • Deck and fence painting and staining
  • Wood repair and replacement
  • Hot-water pressure washing
  • Routine maintenance and repair
  • Impeccable customer service

We offer many of our services for residential customers just call us or send us an email for details

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Office: 630.978.2422

Artist Touch, Paint, Brush, Naperville, Batavia, Chicagoland, commercial, services