What should I be looking for when selecting a painting company?

There is wisdom in choosing an established company with a verifiable reputation. Artist Touch, Inc. has been doing business in the Chicagoland area for almost 37 years. We've earned our long list of satisfied customers who can attest to the quality of our workmanship, the professionalism of our crews, and the headache-free benefits of the services we provide.

How can I be sure that I will get the service and attention that I deserve for my money?

Artist Touch, Inc. does all it can to ensure your utmost satisfaction, from the start of the job to the finish. We value open communication so that there are no surprises and we do our best to check in with our customers as the job moves forward. We warranty our work for a period of 3 years, which includes annual site visits.

How long should I expect the project to last?

The typical project can be completed in a matter of days or weeks, depending on its size and scope. Artist Touch, Inc. will offer you an estimated completion timetable that we do our very best to adhere to, though weather conditions understandably come into play for exterior jobs. Preparation of the site is pivotal to a job well done, as is maintaining the painted surfaces once the job is completed. Considerable savings can be had by those customers who make it a practice to have their property pressure-washed on a yearly or every-other-year basis. Artist Touch, Inc. has all the equipment and materials needed to do a superior pressure washing at a fraction of the cost of a full painting job.

How can I be sure that the materials being used are of top quality?

Artist Touch, Inc. "does its homework" in terms of staying on top of the latest developments in the painting industry. We've seen plenty of products come and go because they simply couldn't perform to the level required by the discriminating contractor or the buying public. We subscribe to numerous industry publications and have maintained effective and tremendously helpful lines of communication with manufacturers and distributors in the field. In these ways, we work hard to keep a pulse on new directions in the product development field while at the same time offering our own honest feedback to both distributors and our customers.

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